Vintage Green Co-Housing Project

Who are we?

Currently I am the only member. We have been up to 9 members, but people have drifted off. I have a number of interested people who attend meetings, but haven't committed to becoming members. Here are my thoughts about our vision.

Eleanor Clegg

Eleanor Clegg I joined Cohousing Hafan Las because I want to have friendly neighbours who are working to build a community. I would like to go outside and know I will find someone who will give me wave and a greeting.

I am lucky enough to own some property and have always wanted to make housing more affordable and available to others. I would like to live in a house that is warm and comfortable all year without spending a fortune on fuel. I want to make less impact on the environment by being able to car share.

Best of all, I will be sharing meals. Cohousing will be good for me and good for the planet, I can’t wait.