Vintage Green Co-Housing Project

Who are we?

We are currently a group of 2 who are going through the various processes required to build a cohousing community in Pembrokeshire. We are hoping to attract new members soon, but these are our thoughts about our vision.

Eleanor Clegg

Eleanor Clegg I joined Cohousing Hafan Las because I want to have friendly neighbours who are working to build a community. I would like to go outside and know I will find someone who will give me wave and a greeting.

I am lucky enough to own some property and have always wanted to make housing more affordable and available to others. I would like to live in a house that is warm and comfortable all year without spending a fortune on fuel. I want to make less impact on the environment by being able to car share.

Best of all, I will be sharing meals. Cohousing will be good for me and good for the planet, I can’t wait.




Jan Waite

Jan Waite I find that my carbon footprint is actually fairly high, despite all my efforts in recycling, buying local and seasonal food, not flying, lift-sharing wherever possible, etc. This is mainly due to the fact that I live alone in a 3-bedroomed house, half of which I use only occasionally, usually when people come to stay. I have my own car, washing machine, sewing machine, lawnmower, tools, etc, some of which don't get used very frequently.

Cohousing Hafan Las offers a really good opportunity for me to live more lightly on the earth, in co-operation with some like-minded people, supporting each other in a positive way and building a good community. I’m looking forward to sharing some meals, crafts, resources, gardening, dancing, singing and playing together with my community neighbours.

Balanced against all that sharing, I will be able to close my front door and be private whenever I wish – in a warm eco house that will be cheap to run - sounds ideal!


Chris John

Chris John I first got interested in cohousing, having not known much about it, when I watched an item on BBC News about the Older Women's Cohousing (OWCH), who were moving into their new houses in London.

Although I am happy living on my own, I need to start thinking about where I would like to live when I retire, and in what. I still want to be active, but living in my current property isn't a prospect I relish. I still see my immediate family but I really want to be independent and not a burden. I believe that living in a community where people care for one another, share regular meals and other activities, would inspire me to be more active. The prospect of being part of a community in an eco-friendly accommodation which is new, energy-efficient and not costly to run, where I don't need to own a car with all the associated running costs, really appeals to me, so that when I retire I can car share and use the local transport.